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Understanding How to Hide Files on a Mac

Knowing how to hide files on your Mac is good, but using Hider 2 is even better. This program is designed to keep all of your private and personal information protected. This system has been designed to make it as easy as possible to hide, encrypt and remove files. The system protects your data and files in three different ways:

hider password

  1. Each of the files that you use with Hider will be encrypted. This kind of data is the safest, which is why the files will automatically go through this process.
  2. Password protection software is applied so that no one will be able to access the information unless they have your password. You can password protect folders on a Mac in their entirety or choose the selected files that are the most important.
  3. Rather than protecting your files and then keeping them on your Mac, you can completely disconnect and store the files on an external hard drive with the same amount of protection from Hider 2.

Creating a Password Protect Folder

hider create password

One of the most popular and most effective features of this application is the option to password protect a folder. This will save you time as you do not have to sift through the countless files you may have in a folder but it will also make the data easy to access when you need it.

You can hide and encrypt these folders so only you can access them, or you can make them visible. This can be adjusted as your work too, which means that the Hider 2 app is completely flexible to your needs as a user.

hider hide

This feature is good to have because it will save you time, but it also really does keep all of your private details safe. When you are worried about someone gaining access to your bank statements or want to make sure your passwords are kept secret, this is the most effective and efficient way to make that happen.

hider text

Using Password Protection Software

How do I password protect a folder? When using Hider 2, this means that you simply need to drag the files or folders that you wish to protect into the application and the program will do all of the hard work for you.

hider drop

This is an organized and quick process that will keep all of your important information safe. The guarantee of protection that you get with this company is unmatched by other processes that would allow you to hide or encrypt files manually.

Learning how to add a password to a folder in the past meant using the computers FileVault system that would encrypt files or put them into another user account with its own unique password. These processes were time-consuming and less effective as there was more room for user error or more opportunities for threats.

You can even go through a free trial of Hider 2 to determine how it works for you before subscribing to the service for months of protection.

Being Fully Protected

When you use Hider 2, your goal and aim is to thwart any threats both from the online world as well as those that might have access to the computer. This is the exact kind of protection that the app is able to guarantee. Proof of this can be seen in the countless positive reviews that the app has received from average users as well as experts.

Whether you used the original Mac Hider or this is the first protection app that you are trying, you also will be completely satisfied and have total peace of mind. The best way this program helps you stay safe is by making your files essentially invisible and therefore inaccessible to anyone other than you.

hider program

The simplicity of this app is also something that makes it especially user-friendly and effective. The custom features give you more control, if that is what you prefer, or you can simply drag files into the application. 

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